Assignment Instructions: Review the Flipkart case study and write project

Assignment Instructions:

Review the Flipkart case study and write project report including case summery of the company, its operations and strategies based on the case study, and then answer following questions using title of article as heading, then copy questions exactly as written below and answer. 

Helpful pre-readings:

1. A business review of e-retailing in India:

2. Caselets Of Digital Marketing in The Indian Context: This blog gives a clear understanding of the path Flipkart has covered sofar since their origin in 2007, in terms of their business model, revenues, strategy and various other business statistics.

3. Rebirth of e-commerce in India:$FILE/EY_RE-BIRTH_OF_ECOMMERCE.pdf

Assignment Questions

1.  Trace the evolution of ecommerce business models, alongside Flipkart’s from outset to current state.

2.  What are the pros and cons of Flipkart’s strategy to aggressively pursue market share at the expense of profitability?

3.  Should Flipkart change its business model?

4.  Analyze the various alternatives open to Flipkart. Which strategic initiatives would help in sustaining the business?

5. What were the problems that were brewing at Flipkart 4 months into operation? How might the company have dealt with these problems?

6. Describe the difficulties Flipkart was experiencing. Was their decision to close the store a good one, why or why not?

7. What does Sachin Bansal foresee for the company’s future? What are his strategies? Do you agree with these strategies and if so why?

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