Choose one of the two following specific populations: either pregnant


  • Choose one of the two following specific populations: either  pregnant women or older adults. Then, select a specific disorder from  the DSM-5 to use.  research evidence-based treatments for  your selected disorder in your selected population (either older adults  or pregnant women). You will need to recommend one FDA-approved drug,  one non-FDA-approved “off-label” drug, and one nonpharmacological  intervention for treating the disorder in that population.
  • Recommend one FDA-approved drug, one off-label drug, and one  nonpharmacological intervention for treating your chosen disorder in  older adults or pregnant women.
  • Explain the risk assessment you would use to inform your treatment  decision  making. What are the risks and benefits of the FDA-approved  medicine? What are the risks and benefits of the off-label drug?
  • Explain whether clinical practice guidelines exist for this  disorder, and if so, use them to justify your recommendations. If not,  explain what information you would need to take into consideration.
  • Support your reasoning with at least three current, credible  scholarly resources, one each on the FDA-approved drug, the off-label,  and a nonpharmacological intervention for the disorder.

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