Using the “Differentiated Instruction: Maximizing the Learning of All Students”

Using the “Differentiated Instruction: Maximizing the Learning of All Students” and what you have learned, address the scenario below:

Mr. Green has taught high school Spanish for 10 years. He would like to start differentiating instruction and needs to make some changes to his current classroom practices, which are described below:

  • Delivers instruction primarily by lecturing.
  • Does not permit students to retake tests they have failed.
  • Records zeros for missing assignments.
  • Groups students at the beginning of the year based on the previous year’s achievement test scores.
  • Gives bonus points for classroom participation.
  • Gives a test every Friday.

Explain why each of Mr. Green’s classroom practices are not a differentiated practice and describe what he can do differently with each of them.

In replies to peers, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the ideas presented and justify your response.

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