Directions: Choose a sport you want to do research on.

Directions:  Choose a sport you want to do research on.  Fill out the information below its specific  each question, and include at least 2 sources where you found your information as well.  This is a college level assignment so I expect you to write LOTS of specific information to illustrate your sport.  There is an overabundance of data on any sport you choose to discuss.  

Which sport did you research?  (worth 10 points)

When, where, and WHY was the sport invented and first played?  Provide LOTS of detail here.  (worth 25 points)

Is the sport still popular today?  Why or why not?  (worth 10 points)

Are there any professional leagues that play your sport?  Name 2 of the leagues and where are they located?  (worth 10 points)

List at least 2 famous athletes that played the sport in the past, and 2 of the most popular that still play today.  (worth 10 points)

How is the sport different from when it first started and what has remained the same?  Make sure you compare and contrast the sport and include LOTS of specifics!  (worth 25 points)

Sources used to research your sport:  Author’s Name, Article title/name, Publisher (if available), Date, Book/Journal/ Website used.  (worth 10 points)


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