Entrepreneurs face issues related to buying an existing business, selling

Entrepreneurs face issues related to buying an existing business, selling a business, buying a partnership interest in a business, and/or buying out a partner in the business— all of these situations require an accurate valuation of the business.  You will select a business organization that you have information on as to expenses, revenues, assets, and liabilities to determine your estimated valuation of the business using the various approaches mentioned in Chapter 7 of the textbook.  Contact me if you are not able to locate a firm to do this assignment on and I can provide you with some choices of firms to value.

Introduction (20 Points)
Analysis (40 Points)
Does the paper respond to the above-assigned tasks?
Conclusion (20 Points)   
Bring together the key concepts developed throughout your paper, and do not introduce new ideas within the conclusion of your paper.
Process, Punctuation, and Grammar (20 Points)
Are all of the words spelled correctly?
Are the correct words used?
Is the wording smooth to read?
Does the paper follow APA Guidelines?
Is the paper interesting?

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