(Please provide an excel file) Company Background Juice-Perfect, a California-based

(Please provide an excel file)

Company Background

Juice-Perfect, a California-based juice manufacturing company, has 6 manufacturing plants around

the US that produce various sizes and flavor of juices and smoothies. In recent years, management

noticed that Juice-Perfect’s market share has been decreasing due to its inability to sustain the

level of expectations and market demands. A group of internal analysts conducted a thorough

investigation of the root causes of the performance decline and published a report that identified

problems in the production planning of Juice-Perfect’s manufacturing operations as the critical


In response, leadership at the company decided to contract a team to help identify improvement

areas in the production planning and propose a plan to reform the manufacturing processes across

all plants. Management has decided to pilot the changes on the packaging lines only at one of the

plants (that is the worst performing plant).

• Using internal performance metrics (Appendix A), Juice-Perfect want to identify the worst

performing plant in their network. Hence, analyse this data and identify the worst

performing plant.

• With an aim to boost the day-to-day operations of this plant, analyse the data in Appendix

B to enable Juice-Perfect to uncover specific problems faced within the plant’s

filling/packaging line and recommend improvement strategies that they would be able to

implement nationwide.


A. Yearly Performance Overview

B. Inventory Delays


• A maximum of 20 minutes presentation detailing the comprehensive and systematic analysis of

the case study.

• Slides for the presentation must be detailed and informative. Additionally, excel files used in

the data analysis should be submitted.

• The presentation should highlight the details of the following but not limited to: an

introduction to the analyses, the aims and objectives, the analytical methodology employed,

results and analysis, recommendations and practical implications, conclusions

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