Step-3 of McCollum’s Model of Mental Health Education is “Goal


 Step-3 of McCollum’s Model of Mental Health Education is “Goal Setting” to identify short-term or long-term goals for changes in knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.  Module 4 provided several theories, models, and constructs for stress and coping.  For this assignment, you are asked to apply stress and coping theory to reduce the stress response.

  1. Think about the population identified in module two and the assessment measurements selected in module three. Then, summarize the population and assessment tool.
  2. Reflect on the theories of stress and coping.  Select one theory that aligns with the population and assessment and provide an overview.
  3. Select one of the below:
    • relaxation techniques (Focus feature 4.1 pg. 110) 
    • stress-management and reduction techniques (Focus Feature 4.2 pg. 112).
  4. In 2-3 paragraphs, explain how you would use the theory to implement the technique.  Then, identify specific behaviors modified by the method.  Discuss the cultural impact of the theory/technique on the population and its alignment with cultural traditions. 

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