Select one grade level and review the VDOE English standards


  1. Select one grade level and review the VDOE English standards and the Common Core State Standards for that grade level. Compare and contrast the standards at that grade. List two ways the sets of standards are similar and two ways they are different.
  2. Review Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Virginia Standards for Literacy (p. 2-9). Explain the six foundational literacy blocks for 4-year-olds.
  3. Select one of the cases below which best aligns with your program of study. Based on the needs of the student, recommend independent reading materials for the student. The recommendations must include a fiction text, a non-fiction text, and an electronic book. In your initial post, identify the student’s stage of literacy development (from the Phases of Children’s Development in Early Reading and Writing document), name the books you have selected, upload images of those books, and justify why the books are appropriate for the student in the case.

Primary Case

John is in the third quarter of first grade. He is a reluctant reader. His teacher has determined he is behind in his reading development, reading more like a beginning first grader. John loves tractors, machines, trucks, and anything that goes. John also has a pet German Shepherd named Sparky. 

Elementary Case

Susan is halfway through the fourth grade. She is a bright student. Her teacher estimates she is reading two grade levels above the average fourth grader. While she is able to read challenging and understand challenging books, her fluency rate is consistent with a fourth-grade reader. Susan loves horses, castles, and mysteries.

Middle Grades Case

Beth is in seventh grade. While she is a hard-working student, she tested at a fifth-grade level on an informal reading inventory administered by the reading specialist. Beth also struggles with learning new vocabulary. She gets easily embarrassed in class due to her lower reading level. However, she has a solid group of friends. They like to do everything together. Beth enjoys nature, especially the beach.

Special Needs

Tom is in third grade. He recently was diagnosed as having a specific learning disability due to struggles with reading. Tom receives intense reading instruction with the reading specialist five times a week for 30 minutes a session. According to the PALS, Tom is reading similar to a student at the end of first grade. Tom hates to read. He complains every time he has to read in class. Tom loves video games, soccer, and motorcycles.

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