Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting

– Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting 

Please complete the questions as thoroughly as possible! Complete well-written answers using text material Some questions may require more than one paragraph. Justify answers if applicable. 1. What are the major sources of uncertainty that can affect the value of supply chain decisions? (1 pt)

2. How could Apple use collaborative forecasting with its suppliers to improve its supply chain? (1 pt) 3. What role does forecasting play in the supply chain of a mail order firm such as LL Bean? (1 pt) 4. What systematic and random components would you expect in demand for chocolates? (1 pt)

5. What is the problem if a manager uses last year’s sales data instead of last year’s demand to forecast demand for the coming year? (1 pt) 6. How do static and adaptive forecasting methods differ? (1 pt) 7. Whatarethemaindifferencesamongtheaggregateplanningstrategiesand what types of industries or situations are best suited for each? (2pts) 8. Howcanafirmusepricingtochangedemandpatterns?(1pt)

9. What are some obstacles to creating a flexible workforce? What are the benefits?

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