Why Doctors should not be held accountable for preforming abortions

 Research a social problem that might affect your career. Argue for a policy that your organization should adopt that will help ensure that people’s careers are not threatened. (For instance, a social problem related to college English teaching is the threat that a person can be fired if a Twitter posting [tweet] is perceived by students or the public as racist, sexist, or homophobic.) If you select this topic, you will be writing as a professional to a manager or supervisor who has the ability to do something regarding the social issue. The social issue is a general one (not specific to just this organization), so be sure to explain the issue in full. In my example above, for instance, the paper might be addressed to the college provost (head of academics) recommending that the college have a specific policy regarding what the college will do if a faculty member is accused of racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks and guidelines for faculty on the use of social media.

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