Choose one area of oppression ( Racism )

You will review various media sources such as the news, commercials, tv shows, movies, music, etc and complete an analysis for elements of oppression. This will require that you expose yourself to several examples of media sources and document examples of stereotypical or demeaning portrayals of minorities or the presence/absence of minority views and images. The report will detail your research using specific examples of oppression you observed and draw some sort of conclusion based on the experience. The paper must be no less than 3 FULL pages – 900-1200 words (if you provide 2 and a half pages, you will lose points).

Please complete in APA format including a bibliography page. Please cite all videos, magazines, news articles, etc in the proper APA format. Bulleted Instructions Below: – Choose ONE form of oppression: racism, – Choose media sources: Television, radio, magazine, newspaper, websites, etc. – Analyze media for elements of oppression:, racism, – Document detailed examples of stereotypical or demeaning portrayals of minorities in various forms of media to support your position. (example: In “such & such” magazine, good-looking women are depicted to look like _____. -or- In “such & such” commercial, they only depict minorities as ________. -or- “Such & such” product was under fire recently for marketing their product by stating :insert highly racial advertisement verbiage here: – Use APA format throughout the paper including title page, abstract, at least 3 FULL pages of text (900-1200 words), in-text citations, and reference page. – Questions to consider and address in your paper: Is this a trend for this source? Is there an excessive presence or absence of minority views and images? Is this subtle or blatant? Is this issue systemic? What evidence do you have proving a systemic issue? – You must provide a minimum of three references to support your statements regarding the stereotype or issue of concern such as specific commercials, tv shows, songs, ads, movies, news casts, etc.

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