CLSPRCC assessment brief: Evaluate your role in this situation and how

Task 13000 word assignment.

A written assignment adopting a case study approach that facilitates the critical analysis and evaluation of leadership demonstrated in the safe and effective delivery of evidence based care.


This task is designed to meet the following module learning outcomes.

Critically review and appraise appropriate evidence and relevant scientific theory to evaluate clinical risk and promote safe decision making when caring for people with complex needs.

Critically evaluate the application of leadership and management theories in promoting professional values and standards in relationship – centred care.

Critically analyse and apply leadership and management skills in ensuring high quality innovative and evidence – based care.


Task 1 Guidance  

In consultation and agreement with your marker select a case study from your own practice experience to demonstrate your ability to analyse and evaluate your management and leadership skills and those of nurses/clinicians around you in the safe and effective delivery of evidence based care. Please add a summary of the case study in your appendix.


From this account you are required to complete a 3,000 word assignment, in which you will critically evaluate the leadership demonstrated when delivering safe and effective evidence based care.



You should include the following elements:

Critically analyse the case study in light of leadership and management theories and relevant guidelines, protocols and policies.  Consider alternative approaches with reference to current and seminal literature/evidence.

Evaluate your role in this situation and how this impacted upon the service user, his/ her carer, and the outcome.  Consider what could have been done differently, if anything.

Consider how effective leadership and management could have or did have an impact on the service user and his/her carer in the safe and effective delivery of evidence based care.

Reflect upon and discuss how the actions of nurses/clinicians involved the service user and contributed to their recovery/care.

Evaluate the management of and minimisation of risk, including positive risk taking in the management of complex issues highlighted in your case study.

Reflect upon and discuss how this case study may inform your future practice and additional learning actions needed to aid your development as a nurse.

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