Curriculum Planning and Evaluation


2. Getting the most from your assignments


Assessment for learning is the most cost-effective way to improve your learning outcomes (Wiliam, 2009). To get the most from the feedback, try to ensure you have checked these points before submitting your formative and summative assignments, as this will save you time later:


  • Have you looked at the Criteria for Assessment: marking grid?
  • Have you given each of the main sections clear sub-headings?
  • Have you tried to evaluate key issues critically (not just described what you have done)?
  • Have you indicated which main literature references you are using and where you will use them?(Remember, all references should be cited and all citations referenced)
  • Have you used the APA referencing format?
  • Is your word-count within 10% and clearly stated on your cover page/first page?
  • Is your document in word format?




Wiliam, D. (2010). An integrative summary of the research literature and implications for a new theory of formative assessment. In H.L. Andrade, G.J.Cizek. (eds.) Handbook of formative assessment (pp. 18–40). New York: Taylor & Francis.

This assignment requires to develop and design a medical module or a program (a short one, not more than 12 weeks-program on any medical subject, such as medical emergencies or managing compromising patients)). and elaborate on the context of the planned course (what is the subject and why, where, to whom, aim, objective, learning outcome, assessment needs, learning activities and most importantly developing the curriculum matrix).


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