Social Work: Life Course Development

So just as a short overview. You will choose a culture or nationality that is NOT American. You will then focus on a specific life stage pertaining to that culture or nationality and talk about the unique aspects of development and transition markers that occur during that life stage within your chosen culture/nationality. Keep in mind that you are not here to make judgments on the culture/nationality, but rather you are obtaining knowledge and information about this culture through their lens. Make sure you are looking at the stage from the culture/nationalities perspective while also keeping in mind that this is a social work paper. A.K.A. just make sure you are referring to and making points that are related to social work or what social workers might find helpful to know. Part I This paper gives you an opportunity to explore and provide a written analysis of the family life cycle from one culture, nationality, ethnicity, social class, or diverse family form perspective. For this paper choose a culture or nationality to focus on that is NOT American. Literally anything but American. Working from a multi-contextual framework, explore one or two of the following life stages from your chosen culture, or nationality: – Early/middle childhood – Adolescence – Young adulthood/middle adulthood – Later adulthood. In your paper, discuss unique aspects of development, – Roles – Expectations – Gender differences – Socialization processes

– Power structure in the family – Views on extended family/community and social connections – Parenting practices – Marriage roles – Death and grieving process – etc.. , and transition markers – Rituals – Rites of passage – Beliefs – Customs – Values – etc.. *you don’t need to attempt to cover ALL of these, but this gives you an idea of dimensions of the family life cycle to explore in relation to your selected population. You may choose to focus on only one of these stages; or you can choose to cover 2 stages in less depth. Importantly, the main point of the assignment is to examine life course experiences from a different cultural perspective than your own. Part II (should be 1-1.5 pages). This part is also essential to the paper. Make sure to hit all points and explain.

1. Identify the most pressing questions for further exploration.

2. Explain how the information you present in your paper might be useful for social workers. a. Things to think about; i. How is this information helpful when working with this certain population. Explain ii. Why is it beneficial to know this information. Explain *(My personal opinion) some points in which its helpful is when doing interventions, future research, when advocating for that population. Etc.

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