What does it mean to be a human being

The question for this essay is: What does it mean to be a human being

The texts you need to use for this paper are the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Eric Fromm To have Or to be (book) -Margins: 1.25 inches on all sides – pages should be numbered. – front size: 12 point -time New Roman -dark black -double spacing – quotation of three or fewer lines is to be placed between quotation marks. quotations of four or more lines are to be bloke quoted (indented and single-spaced). -quotations from the text we have read (see above) must be used to support or illustrate your argument -only the text assigned for the course can be used quoted as sources. -each quotation must have a proper reference note (MLA style) -use of the words “feel/felt” “i” “my” or “me” is prohibited -double-sided printing is acceptable -do not use ( ok, okay. or kids) or contractions ( don’t, or can’t) – the paper requires a title page with the question title, name, and your academic year -the paper should be organized following this structured – thesis: your position on the question is stated in the first paragraph.


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