Write a brief of the case: Riggs v. Palmer 22 N.E. 188 (1889).

Part 1 Problems from Text (5 problems) — Write your own short answer. Any answers that look like they come from the internet or solutions manuals receive 0 points. (50 points, 10 points each).

Page 40, 2.8

Page 52, 2.4

Page 53, 2.15

Page 53, 2.17

Page 53, 2.18

Part 2: Extra credit (5 points) — Write a sentence (your own) that demonstrates why an Oxford Comma (a comma used after the penultimate item in a list of three or more items, before ‘and’ or ‘or’ clarifies a meaning and/or eliminates misunderstanding.

Part 3 a.  Vocabulary — Look up the definitions, but don’t include them. Use each word in a sentence that pertains to economics or law to demonstrate your understanding. Try to make the sentence pertain to economics or law. (50 points, 10 points each)











b.  Write a brief of the case: Riggs v. Palmer 22 N.E. 188 (1889). Use the format that we discussed in class. (50 points). Do not copy a brief that you find elsewhere.

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