Breast Cancer

 Analysis Essays Analysis essays allow you to reflect on the reading and apply it to case examples we investigate throughout the course. The integration of theory with example is a core skill to develop to expand your skill set. There are four analysis essays (out of six choices) due in the course, each worth 15% of your grade. Grading will be based on your engagement of the documentaries and course reading materials, completeness, complexity, thoughtful reflection, and proper use of grammar and citations. Format:2-3 pages 12pt font Times New Roman Double space Citations 2/15 Essay 2 Topic: Breast Cancer Breast cancer is an acknowledged medical health issue for humans, especially women, across theworld. Yet, there is an absence of agreed-upon recommendations for screening and treatment despite a range of scientific research on this form of cancer (Kournay and Fernández Pinto 2018). Using the Marx reading “Does Improved Technology Mean Progress?” as a theoretical framework, examine this policy debate to address the following questions: 1.Explain the status of policy on breast cancer screenings according to Kournay and Fernández Pinto. (Where are we at?) 2.Leo Marx identified three different mindsets about progress—an enlightenment with a social/political focus, a technocratic form that emphasizes technology as progress, and a later technocratic form which sees scientific and technological innovation as ends in themselves, and the rest will take care of itself. Explain each standpoint for your reader. 3.Using Leo Marx’s progress frameworks, discuss which one best explains the state of breast cancer screening technology and policy.

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