This essay is based on the book ” A lesson before dying” by Ernest J

This essay is based on the book ” A lesson before dying” by Ernest J Gaines. Write an essay that identifies an important truth in A Lesson Before Dying that is still relevant today is the prompt. So please write about how Grant Wiggins, the main character, doesn’t care about teaching his students and then compare it to teachers not caring about students in real life. You can NOT use google to research artcles about teachers. On the attached document you will see a hyperlink called “School’s online database”. Y

ou can use the “InfoTrac Newsstand or General Reference Center Gold” to find articles about the topic. If the search engine ask you for a password it’s “bulldog”. Introduction: Please add a 1-2 sentence summary of the book and make sure to mention the author at least 1 time. Work Cited: Also please add a work cited page. You only need 2 sources so it’s really easy. Cite the book and the article you use. I will also attach an article that you can use to compare the book. If you dont like you can use another.

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