Impact of Online Education

 Find three articles (in credible newspaper, journal, or online sources) that discuss the value, soundness, or impact of online education. Write a brief (between 375 and 600 words, approximately 1½- to 2-pages) summary of these articles in which you describe their points of view. Begin with an introductory paragraph that makes clear your purpose for writing. In the body, summarize each article in a paragraph and highlight at least three points made by the author. End your summary with a statement about what you can conclude about the impact of online education based on these articles. Be sure to include at least one direct quotation from each article. Include a “Works Cited” page, and be as accurate as possible. The documentation grading standards for this activity will not be as stringent as those in Module 2 and onward, but you are expected to show familiarity with either APA or MLA style. (Choose one style or the other and use it consistently in the activity.) Your mentor’s comments on this activity will aid your accuracy in later modules. Your grade will be based on evidence that you have chosen articles from credible sources, have read and understood the articles, can summarize their points in an organized manner, can reach an appropriate conclusion supported by coherent reasoning, and can demonstrate familiarity with the basics of either MLA or APA style.

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