Critical appraisal of a clinical guideline NICE Clinical Guideline:

Summative Assessment

  This is a 2,500-word assignment (+/- 10% without penalty) examining a current clinical issue. From your scope of practice, select a clinical guideline and critically appraise it. Summarise the key recommendations. This must be a current guideline. If selecting a very large document such as a NICE guideline, students may critique the methods section (i.e. process by which the guideline was produced) and one section of clinical recommendations. Analyse and critically discuss the challenges of implementing the recommendations. You may wish to refer to a model of evidence-based practice in your answer. Remember to anonymise any clinical site you discuss.


Assessments – word limits

Only the main text (including in-text references) of a written assessment is included in the word count: the following are NOT included; Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Lists of Tables/Figures, Glossary, List of Abbreviations, Acknowledgements, Reference list and Appendices – please note, not all of these sections will be required for all assessments.


Intended Learning Outcomes By the end of this course students will be able to: 

1. Critically discuss the concept of evidence-based practice and levels of evidence

  2. Synthesise and critically evaluate current research evidence

  3. Critically review the development of clinical guidelines and protocols and mechanisms for evaluating their impact on practice in the improvement of patient care

  4. Critically discuss approaches to dissemination and implementation of evidence

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