4 Reflection papers 250 words each proper grammar no plagiarism or AI APA style. Paper 1 Hinduism and Buddhism both recognize that there is a destination

4 Reflection papers 250 words each proper grammar no plagiarism or AI APA style.

Paper 1

Hinduism and Buddhism both recognize that there is a destination humans must each reach in order to escape this earthly life. Hindus believe in many gods to help teach and guide them whereas the Buddha is seen as the best teacher but is not viewed as a god. In Hinduism, life’s ultimate goal is called Moksha. In Buddhism it is called Nirvana. Hindus believe in the end the self returns to be with one great universal spirit of Brahman and return to being one. In Buddhism, one has to release the idea of self and follow a middle path of living. In your paper reflection, contrast and compare how an individual reaches either one of these destinations. Provide a clear explanation of any terms like samsara, dharma, or karma and ultimately what the right way to live is in order to achieve either of these ends.

Paper 2

Contrast and compare the ideas of what makes for a good, peaceful, or well-ordered life in both Taoism and Confucianism. In addition, what causes suffering in each model in how one behaves. Give examples. Talk about how these civil religions, when followed impact society and what happens to society when they are not. Does either include any supernatural elements or explanations of possibilities of the afterlife? Why are society and faith so interconnected in these two religions? Explain.

Paper 3

Describe and explain the different names (e.g. Hebrew, Israelite, Asherkaidim, Kabbalists, and Jew) that came to describe the Jewish people over the many centuries of their existence. Then, expand your explanations and get more specific in identifying the difference between a Pharisee, Sadducee, Essene, Zealot, and Jesus followers. Pay particular attention to the Essenes and why they play such a pivotal role in the Maccabean Revolt and the establishment of the holiday of Hannukah. (Interesting fact: archaeologists and many religious anthropologists believe John and Jesus and the New Testament writer John were Essenes). Again, please be as detailed as you can but remember your focus is on Judaism and not Christianity or comparing to Christianity. Judaism and its text are borrowed by Christians as part of their Bible but that comes at a later time.

Paper 4

In your text, many different New Religious Movements (NRMs) are identified and there are common features listed as well in your text. Your job in this paper is to choose an NRM (any of the text and if you have one that you wish to research on your own — please ask your instructor for permission to make sure it meets the NRM criteria (and you must be able to explain this to your instructor) — and explain what the NRM is all about in terms of its origins. Identify and give examples of each of the 7 (seven) common features (see your text). Be thorough and detailed. Write in your own words, use short quotes from the reading, feel free to research more on NRMs but only use credible websites, proofread your writing, and have clear examples and explanations that give the best understanding of the NRM you have chosen.

This website provides some additional credible, insightful reading on NRMs: Religious Studies: New Religious Movements

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